4 Patterns I found to true Satisfaction

I am constantly baffled by the amount of people trying to do things they do not enjoy. Just for validation of another human being who has probably played with the same toys in their childhood. The constant pursuit of “happiness” or in other words, “satisfaction”. Which leads to a life of emptiness. There is an unfathomable amount of articles out there in magazines, newspaper blocks and blogs talking about how all it matters in the end, is to be happy. I’ll make another post later about the Pursuit of Happiness Toxicity.

You know that thought, where you would look at a cardboard box, big enough to sit in as a kid, “the possibilities are endless”. Once you finish being the pilot of that moment, you feel this unreal amount of pride and happiness. Those were the good old days, where it was acceptable to be childish. Here you are today reading these posts trying to find that happiness again. There is one simple thing you need to recognize as a pattern of experiencing true happiness. From the moments of landing that cardboard plane after flying past the Himalayas or drift parking into the side streets of the Favela fooling the cops. YOU were the one who made it happen. You were the one who came up with each scene, each situation, each story. It was your own. No wonder it was so satisfying. It is like dreaming without dreaming. Like nothing on this planet is as exciting as the places you visit in that cardboard box.

Here are the patterns broken down, to hopefully help you recognize the truly happy/satisfying moments in your life:


Each moment YOU create often end in total devastation or total appreciation. YOU are the one who CREATES, which then becomes your success or failure story to tell.

Bigger than the Human-Connection

When the moments you have created had an intention greater than the mere human connection. This shows the genuineness of a pure intention. This is positivity at its peak.

Unique Relatability

Anyone can think of something shallow and surface to find a relatability. The magical moment of a Unique Relatability really creates a surprisingly STRONG bond. (e.g. the moment you realize someone else is JUST as or nerdier than you are)


There’s probably a reason you do not play in a cardboard box anymore right? Well if you see a video of a grown ass man playing in a cardboard box like a toddler, you would feel a sort of happiness. Vulnerability leads to authenticity which creates an attractive atmosphere. This doesn’t matter whether you’re crying laughing or due to sorrow. Authenticity is attractive.

These are the four patterns I find as a reoccurrence every single time I find myself being happy or satisfied. When I reflect on moments I feel defeated I recognize that I probably did it for someone or something else. I probably didn’t believe in it. I probably didn’t come up with the idea. I probably couldn’t find something I could relate to.

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