The bad and the worse

It’s been a while huh. I haven’t written much lately and there’s no true rhyme or reason towards that. Lately, ideas in my head haven’t been where it usually is. Not one thought or idea have come up in which that I believed in enough to jot it down on the blog. There have been a lot of things happening in my life mentally. I worked a seasonal full-time job selling ornaments along with selling Nespresso machines on the weekends. So today, I want to talk about one huge topic that’s been reoccurring in my head. So as you guys all know the saying goes, “Confront your inner demons”. Let’s take a step back before we do the whole confronting part. Before your heart beats for another, it’s first and foremost beating for you. Are you able to see what’s in front of you protecting your heart? Is it your flesh and skin? Is it your mother and father before that flesh and skin? Best friend? Sometimes we’ll never truly know what someone or something is doing to show that they love us. That’s okay. So before you confront your inner demons you need to change that mindset. You obviously don’t like fighting or battling anything just like everyone else in the world. No one truly enjoys a fight or a battle. So why are you confronting and battling your demons? Try and look at your demons like an emotional younger sibling. That has a lot to learn in this vast universe. Let your sadness, anger, jealousy come out but acknowledge it. Embrace the fact you have those feelings. Try your best to understand that the reason you get those emotions to that level is because you care for something to that level. If you didn’t care then you wouldn’t get those feelings. The worst thing you can do is numb it via sleeping, substances, distractions cause you’re only prolonging the anxiety or depressive state that you’re in. Embrace it and understand that nothing else can hurt as much as this moment right now. If there was something that hurt more, well then you’re already on the right track. Keep at it, stay weak and remember who’s protecting your heart. If it’s yourself, invest in yourself 110% you can never run from who you are. So get to know yourself quicker so then you can double down on others that you love more efficiently and effectively.





P.S. Happy New Year my bbs.

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