So I guess I’m supposed to tell you who I am here, huh.

My internet persona name is Jace or jacelives.

My real name is Jacky, I am twenty-two years of age. I have found myself in a really healthy way of living my own life, geared towards a mentally successful life. I have found myself being at true peace with my achievements or failures within my mind and life. I wish to elaborate on the things I truly believe in and my passion for discovering that inner secret power we all possess.

“There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing and there’s never a right time to do the wrong thing”- Lou Holtz

My goal in my life after I wrote it down in my List of 10 Things came down to this:

I want to be of aid to people. Okay, so every other person wants to be of aid to somebody. Especially to the fact that there are the third world children on this planet or children walls to keep them warm, clothes, clean water, food and I can go on but you get the picture. I asked myself a very important question. This question really helped me prioritize another population of people that I want my eagerness to target. The question I asked myself is this, “When these people breathe their last breaths, how are they mentally?” My thought to this lies bigger than death itself. I thought to myself, “I would be fine with my death on this date because I have reached a peace of my own mind. I am doing the best I can do to live my life to impact even just one person.” The core belief that I took from that thought is, even if they die young their lives on average, are spent in moments of Love, Passion, Community in one way or another. When the world as YOU know it is in shambles people tend to stick together to fight to survive. So the population I decided I wanted to focus my attention on as my life’s mission are the children who are not physically homeless but who are mentally homelessness. Which is a huge issue in today’s first world society. So I went to YouTube to try and spread my message. To show them I am making mistakes in my life and learning every step of the way. To spread ideas in a dream of to be able to change the way people approach life. I am not here to tell you how to live but I will shine light on the things people often take the light away from.

Thanks for taking interest in reading about ME

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P.S. The picture up there is me when I was in my third year of high school


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